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The Summit Church | Thunder Bay

Why We're Here

Jesus Transforms

The Summit Church wants to make a lasting difference in people’s lives, our city, and our world. We believe God is passionate about this too. 

Our Conviction

This conviction drives our understanding of why we’re here. Simply stated, our mission is: 

Follow Jesus


That's how we're able to impact lives and make a lasting difference in our community. It's the driving force behind everything we do.  

Our belief in God and a desire to live passionate and fulfilling lives that honour and glorify Him is what unites us at The Summit Church. We are a dynamic group of people who are always growing and moving in ways that expand God's kingdom. 

We strive to reach out to people who don't know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and introduce Him to them. Giving people the tools to turn their lives around and bringing hope to places of despair is our most important mission. We believe God has prepared an amazing destiny for every person. We are committed to helping people live abundant lives and achieve their highest calling.

We believe we are creating a solid foundation for people to pursue a passionate and fulfilling life while strengthening their faith and understanding of God. It is also our goal to invest in and leave a lasting legacy for the generations to follow!